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May Worship Themes


Texts: I John 4:7-21 & Acts 8:26-40

Wilderness Road

The Spirit is moving. Philip takes a wilderness road (Isn't it curious how the Spirit tends to lead people into the wilderness?) and meets an Ethiopian eunuch. Their encounter breaks religious and cultural barriers and the two of them begin Bible study on the road, and then the Ethiopian man decides he wants to get baptized in a pool of water right in the desert! What is happening? What is the Spirit saying to us through this story?

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Todd Koser
Liturgist: Lynn Lees
Children's Time: Katie Aikins
Sunday School: Geneva Butz
A/V Tech: Chris Purdom
Quote: Todd Koser
Co-Officiating Communion: Katie Day & Kathryn Aikins
Setting up & Serving Communion: Todd Koser
Cleaning up & Serving Communion: Lynn Lees
Picking up Communion Bread: Barbara Tilley
Greeters: Megan Gibson & Chris Purdom
Potluck Hosts: Jim Gerhard & Katherine Huseman
Counting Offering: Ken Gritter & Lynn Lees
Recycling: Andy Lees
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Sarah Hill

MAY 10


Texts: Acts 10:44-48 & Wisdom 7:7-8, 11-12, 23-30

Pledging Allegiance to God's Great Mama Wisdom

In honor of Mother's Day the sermon will be an exploration of the feminine character of Wisdom in the biblical tradition. To pledge allegiance to God's Great Mama Wisdom means renouncing worship of power, and surrendering to the guidance of the Spirit. This leads us to lives of healing, harmony, generosity, and unity. This will be tied into the story from Acts of the Roman centurian bowing to Peter and catching the Spirit.

Guest Preacher: Nathaniel Mahlberg
Prayers: Heather Bargeron
Liturgist: Susan Teegen
Children's Time: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Sunday School: Lucinda Megill Legendre
A/V Tech: Jessica Culley
Quote: Heather Bargeron
Greeters: Charlene & Vic Compher
Coffee Hour: Andy & Lynn Lees
Counting Offering: Jean Erb & Jim Gerhard
Recycling: Jim Thacker
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Chris Purdom

MAY 17

John 17:6-19 & Acts 1:15-17, 21-26

Guided in Prayer

In John's gospel, Jesus prays for his disciples saying, "They do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world. Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth." Jesus was guided in prayer. In our passage in Acts, the Spirit guided the early apostles through prayer, through their decision-making.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Liturgist: Jim Gerhard
Children's Time: Dick Fernandez
Sunday School: Nicole Diroff
AV Tech: Fletcher Chmara-Huff
Quote: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Greeters: Mike Ehling & Todd Koser
Coffee Hour: Katie Day & Jean Erb
Counting Offering: Chris Purdom & Ginny Rice
Recycling: Verona Stern
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Barbara Purdom

MAY 24


Romans 8:22-27 & Acts 2:1-21

Back to Life

Slaves and women and old men? What? They are given power to dream dreams and prophesy? And are these the signs that the Spirit is moving--when "tongues" are shared and possessions are shared? The resurrection not only brought Jesus back to life, it brought the men and women who followed Jesus back to life. This is ultimately what Pentecost is about-–being brought back to life through the power of the Spirit and the power of the resurrection. The movement of the Spirit is about bringing us to life.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Katie Day
Liturgist: Richard Kalwaic
Children's Time: Jessica Culley
Sunday School: Geneva Butz
AV Tech: Peter Mowen
Quote: Katie Day
Greeters: Sarah Hill & Peter Mowen
Coffee Hour: Katherine Huseman & Todd Koser
Counting Offering: Russell Baldwin & Jim Thacker
Recycling: Deborah Ahrens
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Ginny Rice

MAY 31

Isaiah 6:1-8 & Romans 8:12-17

This is not your Mother's Faith

The lectionary text (Romans) for this week is the passage that was preached on the Sunday morning I came to salvation as an 8 year old. The Isaiah passage resonates with my deep sense of call--but from those very early, very conservative roots, my faith has taken me to places I could never have imagined. And yet, it remains this simple and true--I have been given the gift of adoption and I am a child of God!

Guest Preacher: Sharon Easterling
Prayers: Chris Purdom
Liturgist: Russell Baldwin
Children's Time: Russell Baldwin
Sunday School: Verona Stern
AV Tech: Todd Koser
Quote: Chris Purdom
Greeters: Josh Goldstein & Laura Line
Coffee Hour: Deborah Ahrens & Mike Ehling
Counting Offering: Jean Erb & Jim Gerhard
Recycling: Ginny Rice
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Jim Thacker

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