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2015 Stewardship Campaign

Welcome to the online sign-up for Tabernacle's 2015 Stewardship Campaign!

1. Here are PDF files of the documents for the Stewardship Campaign. Right-click on a document to open it in a new tab or window:

2015 Stewardship Letter
2015 Time & Talent Form

2. Now that you've looked over the Stewardship Letter and the Time & Talent Form, you're ready to sign up! (You can also print the PDF file of the Time & Talent Form to use as a worksheet before you sit down to do the online sign-up.) Remember, you will send the information about your household's pledge ONCE, but EACH individual will do Time & Talent.

a. To begin, right-click HERE to open a new tab or window with the Stewardship sign-up and carefully follow the directions. (especially the directions about Thomas). If you are prompted to type the church phone number, that is in the header at the top of the page. (These are necessary security measures to prevent spam.)

b. Refer to the text on the 2015 Time & Talent form that you have opened in another tab or window if you need a refresher about one of the Rotations or Groups. Remember to click on the check box for each item AND select the frequency (number of times) during a particular span of time (quarter, year or as needed) you are willing to do a rotation. (No frequency number is necessary for "as needed".)

c. In the Notes enter any blackout date information you are aware of (there will be another chance to do this later for the first quarter of 2015 if you don't know about this yet) or any other pertinent information (not wanting to do particular rotations when you are singing in the choir, for instance).

d. When you have completed your Pledge sign-up or Time & Talent sign-up you will receive a confirmation email with the same information that has been sent to the Stewardship Team (pledge) or to the church office (Time & Talent).

3. Whichever you do first, just click HERE to do the other sign-up (pledge if you did Time & Talent first, or vice versa).

Thanks for participating in the 2015 Stewardship Campaign!

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