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Recycling Update

SLAG (Sustainable Living Affinity Group) conducted a successful trip to
Recycling Services, Inc. in Pottstown on March 28. We go twice a year,
spring and fall, and take household items that cannot be recycled locally.
Renting a small truck helps to reduce gas usage; a contribution of $10
per household defrays this expense. We encourage all of you to participate by
accumulating your items now for the fall collection.

We learned a couple of useful tips. It was enormously helpful that you sorted your items
by category and had them clean, dry, and in sturdy containers. We had one large stack of
plastic yogurt containers rejected, however, because they hadn’t been thoroughly

Here are the container types that we take to Pottstown:

  • Plastics, category 3 and up: separate by number

  • Plastics: shaped product packaging such as for toys, usually not numbered

  • Styrofoam

  • Plastic-coated packaging such as milk cartons, butter cartons (We learned that you
    can leave the plastic ring spout intact!)

  • Lids and tops: metal and plastic

So start saving now and learn of our fall date as the time draws closer. We appreciate your
participation. You will feel great becoming more "green", and having so little actual

Also, wouldn't you like to join our group? We meet once a month to share a sustainable
meal, engage in a sustainable discussion and make plans for sustainable action! To
join the mailing list, where we discuss the timing of the meetings, among other things,
send an email with no subject line and no content to: subscribe-sustainable [at] tabunited
[dot] org.


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