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Worship Themes for May 18 & 25

MAY 18

Texts: Revelations 21:1-6a, John 11:1-44 & Luke 24:13-35

Jesus Wept

The shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35--"Jesus wept." We will examine the possible meanings for this simple verse amongst others that whipsaw back and forth between the humanity and divinity of Jesus. This passage comes from the lectionary selection for All Saints Day, with a particular emphasis on being made new, the resurrection, the foreshadowing of Jesus' own suffering and death. Taking this text out of cycle, maybe we'll keep our feet and tears on the ground, looking towards Mary, Martha, and Jesus' reaction to those around him.

Preaching: Todd Koser
Prayers: Todd Koser
Liturgist: Pauline Abernathy
Children's Time: Pauline Abernathy
Shepherds: NA
A/V Tech: Peter Mowen
Quote: Pauline Abernathy
Greeters: Todd Koser & Anne Whiting
Hosting Coffee Hour: Katie Day & Katherine Huseman
Counting Offering: Vic Compher & Jim Gerhard
Recycling: Geneva Butz
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Sam & Leo Gualtieri

MAY 25

Texts: Psalm 66:8-20 & Acts 17:22-31


Today we celebrate resurrection life through song, prayer, Scripture reading and story-telling as we welcome our friends from the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force in Worcester, MA, members of Hadwen Park Congregational Church. The LGBT Asylum Task Force supports those who are in the process of seeking asylum in the U.S. and have fled their countries of origin because of persecution and even threat of death based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. We are blessed to have these friends visit and share with us.

Preaching: Members of Hadwen Park Congregational LGBT Asylum Task Force
Prayers: Chris Purdom
Liturgist: Mike Ehling
Children's Time: Katie Aikins
Shepherds: NA
A/V Tech: Chris Purdom
Quote: Bill Simpson
Greeters: John & Ginny Rice
Coffee Hour: Ken & Martha Gritter
Counting Offering: Russell Baldwin & Ginny Rice
Recycling: Andy Lees
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Jim Thacker

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