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Tab.edu: Post-Easter

  • April 26: Nace la esperanza: Hope is born in El Salvador - 'Nace la
    esperanza' was the campaign slogan used by the FMLN in the recent
    presidential campaign and means 'Hope is born.' This will be an
    opportunity to hear more and talk about the recent Salvadoran
    Presidential Elections and the victory of FMLN candidate Mauricio
    Funes. Vanessa Cardinale will share her experiences as an international observer
    for the Elections, as well as discussing what El Salvador’s shift to the left means
    for our sister community of Las Anonas, the larger social movement in El Salvador,
    and Tab's sistering and solidarity relationship with both. [Led by Vanessa

  • May 3: Tab is Retreating! - We're not literally retreating as in "running
    away"--we're planning the All-Church Retreat at Appel Farm, in Elmer, NJ during the
    weekend of Oct. 23-25. This meeting is all about planning, Fun!Group-style! We will
    be both hammering out the final details for the Coffee House on May 9 plus planning
    for the retreat itself. If you can't make it on May 3 please contact Susan Collins so
    that she can bring your ideas to the meeting. [Faciliated by the Fun!Group]

  • May 10: Creating a Sustainable Person Vision - Vision is about what we
    intend to become. It's that completed picture we have in our minds. And for most of
    us, our ability to envision our best selves as well as our future propels us forward
    and motivates us toward action. Enjoy creating: a clearer picture of what you want
    your life to look like; a deeper understanding of how you want to be in the world; a
    richer sense of community; and map out your next steps to carry out and sustain
    your personal vision. [Led by Jennifer Gleeson Blue]


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