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July Worship Themes


Texts: Galatians 6:1-16 & Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

Harvest Mission

In our gospel reading today Jesus says this phrase that has become familiar to
many of us: "the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." He appoints 70
to go out into towns and villages with the gospel message. We learn that these
missionaries ought not to expect to be welcomed every place they go. In
Galatians, Paul talks about our primary mission to "bear one another's burdens"
and in this way we fulfill the law of Christ. We will explore these themes of
mission, welcome, and even rejection.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Mike Ehling
Liturgist: Pauline Abernathy
Children's Time: Katie Aikins
Shepherds: Russell Baldwin & Amy Mann
A/V Tech: Bill Simpson
Quote: Pauline Abernathy
Co-Officiating Communion: Beverly Dale & Katie Aikins
Setting up & Serving Communion: Todd Koser
Cleaning up & Serving Communion: Jim Thacker
Picking up Communion Bread: Lee Pugh
Greeters: Todd Koser & Mike Ehling
GEM Potluck Supervisors: Jim Thacker & Jim Gerhard
Counting Offering: Maurine Doggett & Vic Compher
Recycling: Barbara Purdom
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Mike Ehling


Deuteronomy 30:9-14 & Luke 10:25-37

Immigrant Justice

In today's gospel story, a teacher of the law challenges Jesus to clarify who
is the neighbor whom we are commanded to love. Jesus responds by telling the
familiar story of the Good Samaritan. In the modern world, we have created
numerous ways to separate ourselves from those who would be our neighbors, to
"walk by on the other side of the road" so we do not have to see or engage
with their pain. The parable teaches us that we cannot know God's love and the
path to eternal life if we do not stop, look, and respond to those who are

Preaching: Heather Bargeron
Prayers: Deb Burnham
Liturgist: Bill Simpson
Children's Time: Katie Aikins
Shepherds: Todd Koser & Anne Whiting
A/V Tech: Barbara Purdom
Quote: Deb Burnham
Greeters: Maurine Doggett & Jim Thacker
Coffee Hour: Jessica & Katrina Culley
Counting Offering: Russell Baldwin & Deb Ahrens
Recycling: Jim Gerhard
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Megan Gibson


Texts: Psalm 15 & Matthew 18:1-6

We are all Teachers

Jesus is constantly teaching us that the borders and boundaries that are set
up by governments, cultures and fear need to be broken down. In our world we
think teachers are a saintly few who are gifted enough to "teach" children. We
think of children as fragile less-than-people who need special treatment. This
thinking holds us back from being in true community and "becoming like
children" as Jesus calls us to do. We are all teachers and when we start to
embrace that, we'll start to see the kingdom of heaven.

Preaching: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Prayers: Barbara Purdom
Liturgist: Ken Gritter
Children's Time: Deb Ahrens
Shepherds: Lee Pugh & Bill Simpson
A/V Tech: Richard Kalwaic
Quote: Barbara Purdom
Greeters: Geneva Butz & Sarah Hill
Coffee Hour: Katie Day & Roxanne Parker
Counting Offering: Jean Erb & Chris Purdom
Recycling: Geneva Butz
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Maurine Doggett


Texts: Psalm 85 & Luke 11:1-13

Hear Our Prayer

Today's passage from Luke is all about prayer. It is not a coincidence that
Jesus spends so much time on this topic. It was clearly important. Just like
us, many people had questions for Jesus about the "why", the "when" and the
"what" of prayer. Jesus not only gives us words to use when we pray but also
talks about the importance of persistence and determination in prayer.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Writing Prayers: Chris Purdom (PAPERLESS!)
Liturgist: Jim Gerhard
Children's Time: Katie Aikins
Shepherds: Russell Baldwin & Ginny Rice
A/V Tech: Todd Koser
Quote: Katie Aikins
Greeters: Barbara Purdom & Lucinda Megill Legendre
Coffee Hour: Jean Erb & Amy Mann
Counting Offering: Jim Thacker & Mike Ehling
Taking Recycling: Maurine Doggetth
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Lee Pugh

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