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Good Jobs/Green Jobs Conference

How do we ensure that clean energy technologies are manufactured
here in the United States? How do we prevent chemical disasters
in the workplace while creating jobs? Does recycling create good
jobs? The Good Jobs ,Green Jobs East Regional Conference (April
3-4 in Philadelphia) was convened to explore the unique challenges
and opportunities to creating good, green jobs in the Eastern
United States. This morning, our own Rev. Rob McClellan was
privileged to offer the invocation. Here is the prayer he offered.

If it has integrity for you and the tradition from which you
come, please join me in prayer, or simply meditative silence.

Holy One, for the brisk wind and the renewing sun of the
morning, we give you thanks. We greet the coming spring,
the budding of trees and flowering of your world, the
bursting forth of new life with gratitude, awed by the wonder
of what you have done. We are mindful of the rhythm of the
seasons, and even of the day...and yet with unseasonable
temperatures more and more common, with heightened storm
patterns and so-called “natural” disasters, we are
increasingly mindful of what we have done to what you have
done. We are here because we are conscious of what is
happening to your creation and to so many who call it home.
Our being here is a prayer for a renewed consciousness to
spring forth like new life.

Yours is a Spirit of truth, and so we gather seeking truth,
truth in the midst of misinformation, misguided ways of being,
propaganda and denial. We seek truth in the midst of false
claims that jobs and justice cannot exist in the same sentence,
much less the same city or country, that the green of money
trumps that of healthy ecosystems, that sustainability is
somehow un-American. We recognize that your truth is quite to
the contrary, that your divine economy is not predicated upon
winners at the expense of losers, an ever-growing distance
between the haves and the have-nots, or exploitation of many
for the personal comfort of a few. Your truth does not allow
the term jobs to be held up as an excuse to pillage the earth
for political gain for some. Your truth does not produce
products that poison, transportation that pollutes, practices
that propagate the myth of scarcity. Your truth means not just
jobs, but rather new kinds of jobs, jobs that have us not
working against, but working with; for what we learn most deeply
from you is not domination, but harmony, balance, mutual
flourishing. And, green jobs are by definition good jobs.

O, that your Spirit would blow through this place these days,
bringing truth and new life. That your trust would warm our
hearts, allowing us to adopt postures of cooperation and hope,
rather than anger and despair. That the impossibility of your
creation would make possible our dreams for a new creation.
Grant us the wisdom not only to discern a better way of being,
but to recognize that those who seem to stand in the way are not
our enemy, but our sisters and brothers desperately in need of
the kind of relationships that yield genuine transformation.
Prepare our hearts, minds, and hands for that work, and we pray
each of us, in our own way, in the name by which we know you, or
are just meeting you, Amen.


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