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Worship Themes for February


Texts: Mark 1:29-39 & Isaiah 40:21-31


The beginning of everything important and good in this
world is attentiveness. If we but take the time to notice,
we will see that what we need is there as is the One can
provide for our deepest needs. Waiting, watching, noticing,
these are the virtues of those who so desperately want to do.

Preaching: Robert McClellan
Writing Prayers: Robert McClellan
Children's Time: Robert McClellan
Co-officiating communion: Nicole Diroff & Robert McClellan
Setting up & serving communion: Pauline Abernathy
Cleaning up & serving communion: Mike Ehling
Picking up communion bread: Laura Line
A/V Tech: Chris Purdom
Quote: Russell Baldwin
Greeters: Carolyn Cannuscio & Dan Rader
Liturgist: Nicole Diroff
Coffee Hour/Overseeing Potluck: Katherine Huseman & Todd Koser
Shepherds: Charlene Compher & Ginny Rice
Counting Offering: Deb Burnham & Bob Case
Taking Recycling: Josh Goldstein
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Mike Ehling


Texts: Psalm 50:1-6 & Matthew 28:16-20

The Great Invitation

Today’s New Testament reading, referred to as "The Great
Commission", has often been used by the church as license
to try and impose its will on others. This is neither the
call of the church nor the meaning of the risen Christ's
words as found in Matthew. Christ offers, instead, a great
invitation, one that knows no bounds, but is open to all.
Tabernacle has a special role in reaching out to those the
church has failed.

Preaching: Robert McClellan
Writing Prayers: Deb Burnham
Children's Time: Jessica Culley
A/V Tech: Todd Koser
Quote: Deborah Ahrens
Greeters: Ginny & John Rice
Liturgist: Timon Idema
Coffee Hour: Charlene & Vic Compher
Shepherd: Maurine Doggett
Counting Offering: Russell Baldwin & Rachel Wentworth
Taking Recycling: Bob Case
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Jim Gerhard


Texts: Mark 9:2-8 & I Kings 19:1-18

Summit Experiences

Storytelling is an important part of our religious tradition.
This morning we will (re)tell the story of Elijah, who sets
out to confront a king and a queen, is on the run most of his
life, and meets God on a mountain top twice.

Preaching: Timon Idema
Writing Prayers: Timon Idema
Children's Time: Deb Burnham
A/V Tech: Jessica Culley & Chris Purdom
Quote: Carolyn Cannuscio
Greeters: Josh Goldstein & Laura Line
Liturgist: Susan Wargo
Coffee Hour: Todd Koser & Lee Pugh
Shepherds: Russell Baldwin & Todd Koser
Counting Offering: Vic Compher & Jim Thacker
Taking Recycling: Deborah Ahrens
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Lucinda Megill Legendre


Text: Mark 1:9-15 & Genesis 9:8-17

It's All About Me

Somewhere along the way humanity got the idea that it was at
the center of all things. We tend to even rest this knowledge
in Biblical foundations, but it’s neither very biblical or
faithful. Only when humans understand themselves as part of
a larger partnership will we ever attain some sort of
faithful balance in the world.

Preaching: Robert McClellan
Writing Prayers: Robert McClellan
Children's Time: Deb Ahrens
A/V Tech: Barbara Purdom
Quote: Mike Ehling
Greeters: Shawn & Lucinda Megill Legendre
Liturgist: Pauline Abernathy
Coffee Hour/Lenten Soup: Deb Ahrens, Barbara Tilley & Roxanne Parker
Shepherds: Todd Koser & Ginny Rice
Counting Offering: Russell Baldwin & Deb Burnham
Taking Recycling: Laura Line
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Chris Purdom

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