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Worship Themes for July 11, 18 & 25


Texts: Deuteronomy 30:9-14, Colossians 1:1-14 & Luke 10:25-37

Definitions of Faithfulness

What is required of us as followers of Jesus? And what keeps us
from being the Good Samaritans? And I'll tie it into the current
Tab identity question. What are the unique gifts we bring to the
city to our world?

Preaching: Beverly Dale
Writing Prayers: Chris Purdom
Children’s Time: Susan Collins
Quote: Deb Burnham
Greeters: Todd Koser & Geneva Butz
Liturgist: Ginny Rice
Coffee Hour: Maja Bucan & Scott Poethig
Counting Offering: Chris Purdom
Taking Recycling: Josh Goldstein
Taking Food to Cathedral: Susan Collins


Texts: Amos 8: 1-12 & Luke 10: 38-42

The One Thing

While the Amos passage is dark, the judgment quite daunting
(even if deserved), it contains a thread that runs through
the Luke text as well--that thread being distraction. It is
easy to simply get overwhelmed by the injustices of our day,
but this notion of not running to and fro (Amos) or scurrying
about to get ready for Jesus (Luke) only keeps us from the
clarity and purpose (and peace) of the "one thing." I'm going
to (hopefully) invite the congregation to be thinking of what
"one thing" they think this next season is to be about for
Tabernacle and beyond. Will likely use the imagery of a gateway
to talk about this period.

Preaching: Robert McClellan
Writing Prayers: Mia King
Children's Time: Katrina Culley
Quote: Vanessa Cardinale
Greeters: Jessica Culley & Jim Thacker
Liturgist: Geneva Butz
Coffee Hour: Deb Burnham & Susan Collins
Counting Offering: Mike Ehling
Taking Recycling: Todd Koser
Taking Compost: Susan Collins


Texts: Hosea 1: 2-10 & Luke 11: 1-13

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Building off of the "ask and ye shall receive" text in Luke, Hosea layers
in the fuzziness between the personal and the political. I hope to talk
about how complicated this seemingly simple phrase is in our lives - how
we don't listen or don't know how to ask. How can we be more attentive to
what is being asked of us? How do we know what it is we are asking for?

Preaching: Vanessa Cardinale
Writing Prayers: Todd Koser
Children's Time: Deb Burnham
Quote: Susan Collins
Greeters: Josh Goldstein & Laura Line
Liturgist: Katie Day
Coffee Hour: Beverly Dale & Katie Day
Counting Offering: Bob Case
Taking Recycling: Laura Line
Taking Food to Cathedral: Deb Ahrens

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