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Worship Themes for April 11 & 18


Texts: Psalm 150 & John 20:19-23

In the aftermath of Jesus' crucifixion, the disciples hid themselves in
fear behind locked doors. But into this space of fear enters the risen
Christ, showing them his wounds, blessing them with peace and bestowing on them
the authority to forgive sins. Today we will look at fear, rooted in our desire
for self-protection, which causes us to hide ourselves behind locked doors. We
will also consider how the resurrection takes us beyond fear into an experience
of peace. It is not an easy peace, but one which bears the scars of cruelty,
one that has journeyed to hell and back, and comes bestowing the power of

Preaching: Patricia Pearce
Writing Prayers: Chris Purdom
Children’s Time: Deb Burnham
Quote: Pauline Abernathy
Greeters: Maja Bucan & Scott Poethig
Liturgist: Mike Ehling
Coffee Hour: Russell Baldwin & Deb Burnham
Counting Offering: Larry Singh


Text: John 20:24-29

This story of Thomas is usually called the story of "doubting Thomas". But perhaps
a more apt name would be the story of "despairing Thomas". Don't most of us, in
the face of devastating loss, feel overcome by feelings of hopelessness and
despair? He didn't have the benefit of having seen the risen Christ, as the other
disciples had, and even their accounts of the event were not enough to dispel the
cloud of grief that enveloped him. Thomas is not to be condemned as inadequate,
which is the message we often come away with, but to be held in compassion as one
who is not yet able to move beyond his sense of loss.

Preaching: Patricia Pearce
Writing Prayers: Nicole Diroff
Children’s Time: Geneva Butz
Quote: Susan Wargo
Greeters: Andy & Lynn Lees
Liturgist: Nicole Diroff
Coffee Hour: Jessica Culley & Jim Gerhard
Counting Offering: Jean Erb

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