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November Tab.edu

Have you ever wondered about the “T” in LGBT? Have you been confused
about what it means that transsexuals are popping up in the news and
television all over the place in 2008? Do you have questions about
gender differences and don't know where to ask them? Or do you just
wonder what folks at Tab think about transgender issues?

Tab.edu will be focusing on Transgender concerns during the month of November, in
honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20). Chris Paige and Chris
Purdom will be facilitating. Topics for the last two weeks will depend on how the first three
weeks go. We may watch Call Me Malcolm and discuss. Or we may delve deeper into
topics that people still have questions about. Join us for as many sessions as you can.
Virginia Mollenkott claims that all of us are actually transgender. You never know, you
may learn something about yourself that you never knew.

November 2 - Sex Development and Intersex

You may be surprised to find out how infant sex development actually works and how
similar we all are! (Intersex Solidarity Day is November 8.)

November 9 - Transgender 101

Let's sort through the vocabulary and diversity. Transgender, Transsexual, Crossdresser,
Transvestite Drag Queen, Gender-queer, Intersexual, and more!

November 16 - Transgender and Faith Communities

How transgendered is the Bible? How trans-friendly is Tabernacle? What are the
challenges that transgender people face in finding a spiritual home?

November 23 and November 30 – TBA

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