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Advent Worship Themes

Preparing the Way: Radical Hospitality

In our fall season at Tab we considered the theme of Universal Oneness
as the reality that underlies all existence. During Advent we will
look at how that Universal Oneness is enacted through the practice of
Radical Hospitality.

Radical Hospitality is different from ordinary hospitality, which is what we practice when
we welcome a friend or a "likeminded other". Radical Hospitality welcomes the "different
other" and in so doing subverts the ruling paradigm of separation by negating the
categories and barriers which that paradigm imposes. In practicing Radical Hospitality
both the one welcomed and the one welcoming undergo transformation. That Jesus
practiced Radical Hospitality was one of the foremost complaints leveled against
him. During this Advent season we will look at how the practice of Radical Hospitality
quite literally prepares the way for the Lord and opens the door for the unleashing
of the Spirit in our midst.



Text: Luke 1:26-38

Mary Welcomes the Spirit

When the angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her that she would give birth to a child, she had
to let go of her fears and take the risk of saying, "Yes," thereby radically welcoming into
her very being God's spirit and becoming a vessel for divine intentions to come to fruition.
Dialogical sermon led by Rev. Susan Teegen-Case and David Ryle.

Preaching: Susan Teegen-Case & David Ryle
Writing Prayers: Barbara Purdom
Children’s Time: Katherine Huseman
Quote: Barbara Purdom
Greeters: Suzanne Spaulding & Mia King
Liturgist: Jean Erb
Coffee Hour: Mike Ehling & Jessica Culley
Counting Offering: Chris Purdom



Text: Luke 1:39-45

Elizabeth Welcomes Mary

Mary was young, pregnant and unwed. Where could she go to find a hospitable and safe
place as she prepared herself for what was to come? Today our text will be Mary's visit
to Elizabeth, who welcomed this "sinful" (in the eyes of conventional values) woman with
open arms. We will look at two moments in Tab's past when our congregation welcomed
those marginalized or threatened by the larger society--the decision to become a Sanctuary
Church and the decision to become a More Light & Open and Affirming Congregation--
and we will consider how those acts of Radical Hospitality challenged and blessed this
community. Speakers: Chris Purdom (ML/O&A) and Vic Compher (Sanctuary).

Preaching: Chris Purdom & Vic Compher
Writing Prayers: Beverly Dale
Children’s Time: Geneva Butz
Quote: Barbara Purdom
Greeters: Lee Pugh & Jim Gerhard
Liturgist: Katie Day
Coffee Hour: Ginny Rice & Megan Gibson
Counting Offering: Bob Case
Communion co-officiants: Patricia Pearce & Katie Day
Communion servers: Jessica Culley (set-up) & Ginny Rice (clean-up)
Picking up donated Communion loaf +: Lee Pugh

+ Bread donated by Four Worlds Bakery/Kaffe Crossing, 4423 Chestnut St.



Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph Welcomes Jesus

When Mary became pregnant, Joseph had to let go of his preconceptions of what his life
and marriage would be like. He had to practice Radical Hospitality to his betrothed
and her child, letting go of his own reputation and eventually even relocating his family
in order to protect them from Herod. Today we will look at how Radical Hospitality
sometimes takes us in directions we never could have anticipated and how it challenges us
to release our control over our own circumstances and settings, but by doing so we make
room in our lives for Emmanuel, God with us.

Preaching: Suzanne Spaulding & Kilian Kröll
Writing Prayers: Suzanne Spaulding
Children’s Time: Deb Burnham
Quote: Chris Purdom
Greeters: John & Ginny Rice
Liturgist: Deb Burnham
Coffee Hour: Geneva Butz & Katie Day
Counting Offering: Larry Singh



Text: Isaiah 40:1-5

Preparing the Way for the Lord

Isaiah talks about the joyous return of the people from exile and describes a highway for
God's coming in which all obstacles and inequities are removed. Today we will consider the
obstacles that exist within our own hearts that prevent us from practicing the Radical
Hospitality that opens the way for the transformative Spirit in our midst, and how we
might release those obstacles so as to prepare the way for the coming of the Christ into
our lives.

Preaching: Jean Erb
Writing Prayers: Deb Burnham
Children’s Time: Suzanne Spaulding
Quote: Pauline Abernathy
Greeters: Josh Goldstein & Laura Line
Liturgist: Susan Teegen-Case
Coffee Hour: Ken & Martha Gritter
Counting Offering: Pauline Abernathy

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