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Texts: Psalm 23 & John 10:1-10

The Practice of Receiving
Theme: Building spiritual resilience for our resistance work means that we need to be open to receiving care. It is often difficult for adults to receive care. Often receiving care is harder than giving care. To be resilient in our hope and resistance, we need to learn to receive care from one another, and first and foremost from the Good Shepherd.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Deb Burnham
Liturgist: Susan Wargo
Children's Time: Ken Gritter
Sunday School: Lucinda Megill Legendre
A/V Tech: Barbara Purdom
Quote: Sarah Hill
Greeters: Ann Whiting & Michael James
Coffee Hour: Andy & Lynn Lees
Counting Offering: Angela Kent & Lucinda Megill Legendre
Taking Recycling: Jim Gerhard
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Anna Demaree
Co-Officiating Communion: Katie Aikins & Nicole Diroff
Setting Up & Serving: Chris Purdom
Cleaning Up & Serving: Heather Bargeron
Picking Up Bread: Anna Demaree

MAY 14

Texts: Psalm 23 & Acts 2:42-47

The reading from Acts says that the early “believers were together and had all things in common: they would sell their possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds to all, as any had need.” A believing community is a giving community. The practice of giving in addition to learning how to receive is a fundamental Christian practice. It is a practice that shapes us in our resilience for being people of hope and resistance.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Chris Purdom
Liturgist: Angela Kent
Children's Time: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Sunday School: Geneva Butz
A/V Tech: Fletcher Chmara-Huff
Quote: Deb Ahrens
Greeters: Heather Bargeron & Lucinda Megill Legendre
Coffee Hour: Ken & Martha Gritter
Counting Offering: Geneva Butz & Susan Teegen
Taking Recycling: Geneva Butz
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Sarah Hill

MAY 21

Texts: Psalm 23

Preaching: Naomi Washington-Leapheart
Prayers: Katie Aikins
Liturgist: Todd Koser
Children's Time: Pauline Abernathy
Sunday School: Nicole Diroff
A/V Tech: Genienne Navarro
Quote: Chris Purdom
Greeters: Andy & Lynn Lees
Coffee Hour: Angela Kent & Jim Gerhard
Counting Offering: Chris Purdom & Jim Gerhard
Taking Recycling: Deb Ahrens
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Jim Gerhard

MAY 28

Texts: Psalm 23 & John 17:1-11

Perhaps you pray a lot to Jesus in your prayer time…or to God, or the Holy One, or whatever name you might use for God. But has it ever occurred to you that Jesus prays for you too? That’s what he did for his disciples in John 17, and that’s what he does for you. Giving and receiving prayer is part of a life of prayer! And prayer is perhaps one of the most important spiritual practices we have for strengthening our resilience and hope for our resistance.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Susan Wargo
Liturgist: Geneva Butz
Children's Time: Todd Koser
Sunday School: Verona Stern
A/V Tech: Fletcher Chmara-Huff
Quote: Heather Bargeron
Greeters: Ginny Rice & Deb Ahrens
Coffee Hour: Russ Baldwin & Lucy Miller
Counting Offering: Sarah Hill & Lucinda Megill Legendre
Taking Recycling: Ginny Rice
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Verona Stern

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