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Worship Themes for The Season of Epiphany

Jan. 22

Texts:Psalm 27:1, 4-9& Matthew 4:12-23

The Jesus Agenda
In some ways the gospel lesson today couldn’t be any simpler. And yet as often is the case, the lesson sure is hard to put into practice. Jesus says to the brothers Simon, Peter and Andrew: Follow me. Leave your nets. Fish for people. This just about sums it up. The question to us is, will we follow? And what will we need to leave behind? Following Jesus means committing ourselves to an alternative agenda, the Jesus agenda. In the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, we are going to commit ourselves to Jesus’ counter-agenda. Are you in?

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Chris Purdom
Liturgist: Jim Gerhard
Children's Time: Nicole Diroff
Sunday School: Verona Stern
A/V Tech: Barbara Purdom
Quote: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Greeters: Michael James & Ann Whiting
Coffee Hour: Barbara & Chris Purdom
Counting Offering: Pauline Abernathy & Geneva Butz
Taking Recycling: Katie Aikins
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Verona Stern

Jan. 29

Texts:Psalm 27:1, 4-9& Matthew 4:12-23

Preaching: Nickolas O'Rourke
Prayers: Susan Wargo
Liturgist: Ginny Rice
Children's Time: Susan Pierce
Sunday School: Geneva Butz
A/V Tech: N/A
Quote: Chris Purdom
Greeters: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Coffee Hour: Angela Kent & Mike Ehling
Counting Offering: Lucinda Megill Legendre & Lynn Lees
Taking Recycling: Lynn Lees
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Jim Gerhard

Feb. 5

Texts:Matthew 5:13-20& Isaiah 58:1-12

“Shout out and don’t hold back! Lift up your voice like a trumpet!” This is what the prophet Isaiah imagines the people doing as they live more fully into the reign of justice. The fast that God chooses, Isaiah says, “is to loose the bonds of injustice, to let the oppressed go free and to break every yoke...to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your home.” Jesus preaches as if he has studied and embodied this text from Isaiah. Like Isaiah, Jesus calls us to choose a kind of justice that exceeds the status-quo, “letter-of-the-law” justice. What kind of justice will we choose? How can we shout out and not hold back in these times?

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Liturgist: Barbara Purdom
Children's Time: Martha Gritter
Sunday School: Geneva Butz
A/V Tech: N/A
Quote: Deb Ahren
Greeters: Ken & Martha Gritter
Coffee Hour: Jim Gerhard & Susan Pierce
Counting Offering: Angela Kent & Deb Ahrens
Taking Recycling: Deb Ahrens
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Anna Demaree
Co-Officiating Communion: Katie Aikins & Jean Erb
Setting Up & Serving: Todd Koser
Cleaning Up & Serving: Susan Wargo
Picking Up Bread: Anna Demaree

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