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Worship Themes for February

February 7: Last Sunday of Epiphany

Texts: Exodus 34:29-35 & II Corinthians 3:12-4:2

Removing the Veil

Saint Paul uses powerful imagery in his second letter to the Corinthians. He tells them that “where the Spirit is, there is freedom” and God frees us by removing the veil from our eyes so we can see clearly. Today in our sermon we are going to explore how Paul’s powerful words might help us as we prepare for our Lenten journey and focus on our theme of seeing color and reading race in the Bible.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Fletcher Chmara- Huff
Liturgist: Heather Bargeron
Children's Time: Deb Burnham
Sunday School: Lucinda Megill Legendre & Meagan McLeod
A/V Tech: Jessica Culley
Quote: Katherine Huseman
Greeters: Lucinda Megill Legendre & Sarah Hill
Hosting GEM Potluck: Jean Erb & Susan Pierce
Counting Offering: Ken Gritter & Angela Kent
Taking Recycling: Verona Stern
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Jim Gerhard
Co-officiating Communion: Susan Wargo & Katie Aikins
Setting up & serving Communion: Mike Ehling
Cleaning up & serving Communion: Jim Gerhard
Picking up Communion bread: Lee Pugh

February 14 First Sunday in Lent

Genesis 1 and Genesis 2:7 -14
Texts: Genesis 1 & Genesis 2:7-14

The Color of Origins
Today we will look at the birthplace of humanity according to the Bible—East Africa. The poetry of Genesis imagines that God crafted the first human being from the earth’s dark soil and breathed life into the human. Several rivers flow into the Garden of Eden, one of them is the Gihon river which winds through Ethiopia. Our ancient sacred story imagines the first human beings as dark and brown and beautifully created in the image of God.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Cord Briggs
Liturgist: Jim Gerhard
Children's Time: Deborah Ahrens
Sunday School: Geneva Butz & Meagan McCleod
A/V Tech: Barbara Purdom
Quote: Sarah Hill
Greeters: Jessica & Katrina Culley
Coffee Hour: Katie Day & Martha Gritter
Counting Offering: Jim Thacker & Ginny Rice
Taking Recycling: Lynn Lees
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Ginny Rice

Tab.edu: Join us for a discussion of today’s sermon and the Lenten theme of Seeing Color and Reading Race in the Bible.

February 21 Second Sunday in Lent
Texts: Lamentations 2:10-12 & John 11:39-41

Where are the cracked places of the world? Where are your cracked places? How do we experience the glory of God standing within cracked places?

Preaching: Meagan McLeod
Prayers: Lucinda Megill Legendre
Liturgist: Cord Briggs
Children's Time: Kartina Culley
Sunday School: Geneva Butz & Meagan McLeod
A/V Tech: Fletcher Chmara - Huff
Quote: Susan Wargo
Greeters: Ginny & John Rice
Coffee Hour: Deborah Ahrens & Angela Kent
Counting Offering: Russell Baldwin & Deb Burnham
Taking Recycling: Jim Gerhard
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Ginny Rice

Tab.edu: We will continue our conversation on our Lenten theme of seeing color and reading race in the Bible. We will look at an excerpt from Thomas Oden’s book, “How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind”

February 28

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Texts: Psalm 87 & Jeremiah 38:7-13

Rags and Ropes: Ebed-melech the Cushite

Today’s sermon will look at the story of Ebed-melech. He was a “Cushite” (modern day - Ethiopian). His story is brief in the Bible, and yet his witness is powerful. He saves the lone and wild prophet Jeremiah from death in a cistern by pulling him out with rags and ropes.

Preaching: Katie Aikins
Prayers: Mark Rader
Liturgist: Lynn Lees
Children's Time:Eloise Chevrier
Sunday School: Verona Stern & Meagan McLeod
A/V Tech: Richard Kalwaic
Quote: Katie Aikins
Greeters: Deb Ahrens & Jim Thacker
Coffee Hour: Jim Gerhard, Katherine Huseman, Sarah Hill
Counting Offering: Jean Erb & Ken Gritter
Taking Recycling: Geneva Butz
Taking Food Donations to Cathedral: Sarah Hill

Tab.edu: Naomi Leapheart will lead a discussion of today’s sermon and the Lenten theme of Seeing Color and Reading Race in the Bible.

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